5 Ocak 2013

Rainbow Six: Raven Shield Hileleri Yorum yok

Oyun sirasinda [é] (veya ["] veya [~]) tusuna basip konsolu açin ve asagidaki kodlari yazin:

behindView 1 - third person
behindView 0 - first person
ghost - Allows you to fly around the map (typing Walk will end it)
fullAmmo - Stocks your player with lots of ammo
demoRec demoname - Records a demo of your current game
stopDemo - Stops recording current demo
demoPlay demoname - Plays the demo you call upon
god - Makes you invincible
godteam - Makes you and your team invincible
godhostage - Makes the hostages invincible (1 - Yes, 2 - No)
godall - Activates all the god modes
toggleUnlimitedPractice - Mission objectives are updated but game never ends
toggleCollision - Allows you to walk through other actors (team, terrorists and hostages)
toggleThreatInfo - Shows threat info
neutralizeTerro - Neutralises all terrorists on the level
disarmbombs - Disarms all the bombs on the level
deactivateIODevice - Deactivate IODevice like phones, laptop (ie: plant a bug)
rescuteHostage - "Rescues" all hostages on the level
disableMorality - Disables morality rules

Terrorist Commands:
callTerro - Calls all terrorists to your location
playerInvisible - Toggle player detection by terrorists
tSurrender - All terrorists surrender on sight
tSprayFire - Makes the terrorists shoot wildly when they see you
tAimedfire - Makes all terrorists aim and fire at you
tRunAway - Makes all terrorists run away from you
tNoThreat - Sets all terrorits back to their original no threat state
rendSpot - Allows you to see where all terrorists have spawned on the map

Hostage Commands:
toggleHostageThreat - Toggles hostages threat info
setHPos - Sets the hostage position (0=Stand, 1=Kneel, 2=Prone, 3=Foetus, 4=Crouch, 5=Random)
resetThreat - Resets hostages threat
HNA - Plays next hostage animation
HPA - Plays previous hostage animation
HP - Plays animation of hostage (0=no loop, 1=Loop)

Teammates, Hostages, Terrorists Commands:
showFOV - Shows the field of view of all actors
gunDirection - Displays weapon direction of all actors with a "laser beam"
route - Shows where terrorists and hostages have moved through out the map
routeAll - Shows all routes that Terrorists and Hostages take (Will cause lag)
killThemAll - Kills and removes all non-playor actors
killTerro - Kills and removes all terrorists
killhostage - Kills and removes all hostages
killRainbow - Kills all Rainbow operatives
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